Padma Bank

Padma Bank Limited is a fourth generation bank which emerged as a new commercial bank to meet up and provide efficient banking services to all level of customers and to contribute socio-economic development of the country. The directors and sponsors of the bank are esteemed and eminent personalities from the realm of commerce and industries of the country. As a well accomplished commercial bank, Padma Bank is being allocated by a highly professional and devoted team with long experience in banking. They continuously focus on understanding and prognosticating customer needs.

Padma Bank Limited
Public Limited Company
Padma Bank Limited
Private Bank
Commercial Bank
Local Bank
  • Corporate Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Agent Banking
  • NRB Banking
Jabber Tower, 42 Gulshan South Avenue, Circle 1, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
+880 2 9850627, 9886035
+880 2 9850626

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