Send Money to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an over-populated country, and the number of unemployed people increases daily. Many people go abroad every year for higher study, new jobs, and better living. Besides work, they try to get settled there and take the opportunity of permanent residence-ship schemes. Though living abroad, their parents, relatives, and friends stay in Bangladesh. That’s why they are common to send remittances to beloved relatives now and then, especially on various occasions.

Nowadays, there are many ways to send money to Bangladesh legally. Bangladesh Bank has permitted some trustworthy, world-class media to run the service from anywhere globally through only banks in Bangladesh. Without a bank, the service is illegal, and if anyone is found related to this service, they will be punished into Anti Money Laundering Laws in Bangladesh. Here is a list of some world-famous money transfer and remittance exchange service providers working around the world, and you can send your remittance to Bangladesh through any of them.

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