How to Claim Money After Death of Account Holder?

Everyone in the heir's family has to suffer the death of the bank's customer. Even if there is money in the bank, the whole family has to suffer because they do not know how to withdraw it.

But if some strategy is known, there is no complication in withdrawing money from the account by the heir of the deceased.

The issues to be raised by the heirs and nominees of the deceased are as follows.

Withdrawal of money by the heir from the account of the deceased

The following is a list of documents required for withdrawal of account by the deceased's successor:

  1. 1) Death certificate of the account holder by the municipality/hospital;
  2. 2) List of Wars issued by the Court (Succession Certificate);
  3. 3) Indemnity and Surety Bond on the stamp;
  4. 4) Affidavit in 1st class magistrate court;
  5. 5) Verified image of all nominees;
  6. 6) Attestation of identity card and signature by the local chairman;
  7. 7) Empowering all nominees to withdraw money;
  8. 8) Adhesive (especially adhesive) stamp worth Tk. 200;
  9. 9) Application by the nominee. This application must be handwritten;
  10. 10) 02 photo of nominee and photocopy of voter ID card (attested by chairman/mayor);
  11. 11) In case of an application for money withdrawal by the authorized person, the bank shall make arrangements for payment by making an office note for payment.

Withdrawal of money by the nominee from the account of the deceased

When an account owner dies, his nominee can withdraw the money as per the following rules and regulations.

  1. 1) The nominee will apply for withdrawal of money,
  2. 2) Present the death certificate of the deceased,
  3. 3) Two attested photos of the nominee,
  4. 4) Photocopy of National Identity Card of the nominee,
  5. 5) The nominee has to be confirmed by two customers of the bank or chairman of the area or 2 officers of the bank.
  6. 6) Indemnity by the nominee jointly with two customers of the bank.

Subject to compliance with the above rules, the bank branch may pay the nominee.